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How to Access Android Built-in Task Manager

In this article you will learn how to access Android built-in Task Manger without installing any app from the Google play store. You will also learn how to use and kill the apps with the android task manager for saving battery and improving performance.

Battery life is one of the important features which every user looks before buying any Smartphone. We want to buy such Smartphones that have maximum battery life. Android devices, sometimes battery drains because of apps running in the background. We thought that we had closed the app but actually that app continuously using the RAM, CPU and draining the battery.

How to Access Android Built-in Task Manager

An android device comes with a Built-in Task Manager to help users to control running apps on their devices. You don’t need to install and download any app from the Google Play store for accessing Android Task Manger. The android Task manager is a built-in app which is excellent and enough for killing the extra apps. With Android task manager can monitor, control and end apps so that your device can perform better and use

Android Task Manager

Android Task Manager

minimum battery.

How to Access Android Task Manager:

Following are the steps to access Android Task Manger:

  • Press and hold the Home button on Android phone or smart device. After few seconds android built-in task manager will be opened on screen.
  • In some cases, after the previous steps a round circle will be displayed on the left bottom corner. Press this icon to launch the Task manager.
  • When task manger launch you will see the different options such as Active Apps, Download, RAM and Storage.
  • Now you can kill the Active Apps with Android Task manager built in app, similarly tap the RAM option to kill the active apps which are using the RAM.
  • You can also view the Download apps and uninstall them directly from this android task manager.
  • Last option of storage in android task manager let you see the used and available storage both on phone and memory card.

Android Task Manager is very good for killing the active apps. Task Manager is a built-in app on the android devices which eliminate the need of downloading any task killing app from the Google Play store.

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