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How to Reset pattern Lock on Android in Two Steps

In this article, you will learn how to reset pattern lock on android if you forget. Sometimes we set a password on the Android devices in the form of pattern lock and it is very excited to lock and unlock a Smartphone with pattern lock as compared to entering pin code and alphanumeric passwords. Due to so many reasons we forget the lock patterns on Android devices as well as on other devices. Normally it is very difficult to reset pattern lock on android or any device.

There is a very easy way to reset pattern lock on android even you forget the lock patters. A complete procedure to reset pattern lock on Android is discussed below.

Android devices including smart phones and tablets by defaults give the 5 chances to draw lock patterns or guess the patters so that you can unlock your device. But if you would unable to draw a correct lock pattern then a message will display asking you to come back after 30 seconds because of your incorrect patterns. However if you are still unable to unlock android lock pattern then we will tell you a simple way to reset pattern lock on android.

How to Reset pattern Lock on Android in Two Steps

Following are the steps to reset pattern lock on android in the case you forget the lock pattern.

First try to draw pattern which you normally draw so that you can directly unlock the device but if you failed after trying 5 times patterns then you will see an option “Forgot Pattern” and ‘Emergency call”.

Step 1: Try to draw correct pattern 5 times and think with a cool mind before drawing each patter. Even after trying, 5 times you were not able to unlock your phone. I will try to explain how to reset pattern lock on android.reset pattern lock on android

Step 2: Press the “Forgot pattern option”.  A smart device owner must have a Google Play account or Google account.  Here you can enter your Google Email address and Password to reset pattern lock on android.

If you provide correct Google Email and password, which you were used first time to activated this device, then your device will be unlocked and it will give you option to create new unlock pattern otherwise you have to go on below given step.

Reset pattern Lock on Android

reset pattern lock on android

But if you also forget Gmail id and password or you did not yet register your device at Google play store then don’t worry there is another alternate option too. You have to do a hard Reset your Android device. When you will do a hard reset then all the installed apps and your settings will be remove, this is the only drawback of the hard reset android phone.

if you want to perform Hard Reset or Factory Reset on your Android phone click here: How to Perform Factory Reset on Android Devices Best Method“.

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